Political Science. Sociology. Law. 1/2023

Political Science. Sociology. Law. 1/2023

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Volskiy O. M.
The Problem of the Democracy Deficit in the EU: Between the Political Entity and the Market Utopia

Zubchenko O.
The image of the city under occupation


Ananin V., Uvarkina O.
Political visions of cyber education

Bahinskyi A, Severynchyk O, Kolomiiets V.
Elections as a way of legitimating political authority in conditions of instability

Burdiuh M.
Populism as a challenge to democratic processes in the European Union

Buchyn M., Danchuk H.
Gender equality in the political sphere as one of the components of implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Voitovych V.
Local and regional elections in Slovakia in 2023: the impact on the inter-party balance and structuring of the political space

Goltsov A.
Geostrategy of Ukraine regarding the Russian Federation

Yermolenko I.
The role of youth in the formation of youth policy in Ukraine: challenges and opportunities

Kyrpychnyk R.
The role of Nordism and its influence on the formation of the political culture of the Scandinavian countries

Kovalevska D. V., Karashchuk M. H.
Investigating the functioning of civil society in a state governed by the rule of law in a deliberative democracy

Kornievskyy O.
Interaction of public associations with government bodies regarding the educational training of specialists in restoration of Ukraine

Krupenya I., Tututchenko O.
The road to peace: strategies, agreements, formats, scenarios and Zelensky’s 10-point peace formula

Mushchenko Ya.
Factors of Electoral (Non) Participation of Citizens in the Context of Rational Choice Theory

Sychova A.
The Model of Parliament in War Times: The Format of Collaboration

Sokolovska O.
Global Nuclear Security: Current Policy Emphasis

Tymoshenko О., Chupriy L.
Historical stages of formation of the system of political values as a component of Ukrainian national identity

Khakimova V. T.
The EU-Ukraine Partnership in the Context of the Common Foreign and Security Policy: A Critical Review

Choliy S.
The main agenda of improvement of Ukraine’s mobilization potential basing on the optimization of human capital development processes

Yatsyna Yu.
Directions for innovative analytical and statistical technologies implementation as a tool for corruption counteraction in the state


Buriak K.
Determinants of domestic crime

Holubenko I.
State as a debtor in oblagations arising from saving the health and life of a individual

Zhmudinskyi V.
Tax audit prevention: legal consequences

Zolotar A. S.
Using the globalization experience of the world's leading countries in the field of intellectual property protection in Ukraine

Kravchuk O. O., Ostashchuk I. B.
Judicial symbols in communications

Nikolaieva O.
Legal regime of works of architecture created with the application of artificial intelligence

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