Political Science. Sociology. Law. 4/2020

Political Science. Sociology. Law. 4/2020

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Kuryliak V.
Social teachings and practices of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ukraine

Polumysna O.
Defining the status “person with a disability” in Ukraine

Shpiker M.
Prevalence of certain categories of legal problems at the local level


Andriichuk T.
State support for civil society development in Ukraine in 2007–2020: strategic tasks and implementation mechanisms

Vehesh M., Kopolovets R.
Causes and prerequisites of the occupation of Luhansk and Donetsk regions: empirical analysis of territories (on the basis of indicators of the democratization index “Freedom in the World 2020”)

Klymonchuk V., Ardeli O.
Formation of Ukrainian identity and national state formation in the modern era of the XIX century


Ananieva Ye.
Financial and legal basis of the activities of the united territorial communities

Vasylchenko O.
On the question about opposition to the information component aggression of the Russian Federation

Zukh Yu., Shveda K.
Mediation in civil proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic

Kazanchuk I.
Some reflections on improving the provisions of the code of Ukraine on administrative offenses in terms of increasing liability for violation of legislation in the field of protecting natural ecosystems from fires

Kiryk A.
Guarantees of the rights of heirs in the imposition of non-material obligations on them by will

Kotenko M.
Value-legal aspects of providing legal protection of rights to trademark in Ukraine

Kravchuk O., Ostashchuk I.
The oath of a judge – oath of office and judicial symbol

Kryklyvets D.
System of punishments for the minors: the ways of improving

Kulyk O.
Self-regulation of the virtual asset market: definition and forms

Mamai V.
Problematic issues of application of terms of appeal to court in the consideration of labor disputes on remuneration

Riabchinska A.
The relationship between fiduciary ownership as a means of ensuring the fulfilment of the obligation and pledge

Stets O.
Legal status of the head of public service in the state body as a subject of public service legal relations

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