Political Science. Sociology. Law. 4/2021

Political Science. Sociology. Law. 4/2021

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Yenin M., Stefanovych A.
Media image of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a component of the popularization of the military service among young people

Lipich L., Balagura O.
Formation of sociological imagination in students of technical institutions in education in the process of teaching sociology

Skorokhod K.
The aspects of dehumanization in the condition of hybrid war: on the example of attitudes the citizens of Ukraine to Russian soldiers – participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war


Zavgorodnya Yu.
Cyber security as an innovative protection in the political space of Ukraine

Irkha K., Ahafonova H., Dudkevych V.
The state of implementation of socio-economic transformations in Ukraine in the context of European integration policy

Likarchuk D.
Communicative technologies in the formation of political mediariality during conflicts

Mytrofanov I.
Norm of criminal law under the draft Criminal code of Ukraine

Shevchenko B.
Ukraine in international relations 2014–2019


Pustovoitova I.
Problems of thecurrent state of control of illegal extraction of precious stones of organogenic formation

Тaranenko M., Taranenko M.
Questions of legal assessment of the entry and situation of Ukrainian lands within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Uberman V., Vaskovets L.
Comparative characteristic between European and Ukrainian legal mechanisms for regulating the discharges of pollutants

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