Political Science. Sociology. Law. 1/2022

Political Science. Sociology. Law. 1/2022

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Krugliak M., Bohach N.
Stereotypes of the image of the “color” population in American movies of the XX – first quarter of the XXI century

Kenneth H. Laundra, Fedorchenko-Kutuev P. V., Baginsky A. V., Severynchyk O. Р.
Restorative justice in Ukraine: a grassroots approach

Fedorchenko V., Fedorchenko-Kutuev P., Fedorchenko N., Vasilets O.
Post-COVID renewal and new challenges of the global world: tourism as an instrument of economic revival and modetnization

Shpiker M.
Measurement of legal capability in empirical sociology


Ananin V., Uvarkina O.
Current political mainstreams of military education

Bilozerova Ya.
Functions of the intellectual elite in the political life of society

Dobrodum O., Martinuk E., Nykytchenko O.
Freedom of conscience in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic: political scientific reflections

Zavada Ya., Tsebenko O.
Iran-Iraq relations in the context of regional security

Zaslavska O., Posvistak O., Nalimova V.
The impact of populist political parties on democracy in the XX–XXI centuries

Kozma V.
National interests of Ukraine between War and Peace

Mytroshchenko V.
Transformation of British political parties after leaving the European Union: trends and prospects


Andrukhiv O.
Historical prerequisites, legal status and peculiarities of activities of children’s colonies for minors in the USSR

Kolosov I.
The historical backgrounds of medical law’s acts appear in Ancient Age

Ohiievych S., Kostenko I.
Legislative changes as a counter “evergreen” patents

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